Kids these days

Last weekend I was fortunate to be a technical evaluator of an hackathon. Yes, I’m trying to be vague here, as my company sponsored this event at a most reputed university of our state, this post is just my view.


Idea to action: Tile this

Not many of my ideas are converted to a project, this one has seen its light last week. Though I haven’t completed all the UI and features of my original vision, it is better to have one working idea than nothing.


Google Chrome : Hybrid of all

  • Webkit as rendering engine like Safari
  • Tabstyles are from Flock
  • Startup page similar to Opera speed-dial and Flock myhome page
  • Paste and go in the address bar like Opera
  • No menu bar like IE 7
  • Tab-to-window and vice versa from Opera/Safari
  • Incognito browsing similar to Private Browsing
  • Create Application Shortcuts like Mozilla Prism

What’s new in Google Chrome

  • No two separate textboxes for URL and for Search
  • Every tab is a separate process
  • Innovative Search, composite of Tortoise Merge (any Textdiff app), Firefox’s (Highlight All) findbox positioned similar to Safari
  • Built-in support for Google Gears
  • Above all its from the giant Google links xTamil tool

I’m overwhelmed with happiness after I saw my Google analytics report today. This blog and the new tool which I wrote xTamil - English to Tamil convertor (Unicode) are linked in a Tamil portal site Tamil.


Clean yahoo webmail without Ad's

Today, I have uploaded my second Greasemonkey scripts to userscripts, Yahoo webmail++ . This will remove (hide) the advertisements in your yahoo webmail, the one at the top and the small ads on the left side.


Safari for Windows

Finally Apple offers Safari for Windows, I am on my Safari now!. But there are bugs in Windows version of Safari, please go through the Techrunch link.