Safari for Windows

Finally Apple offers Safari for Windows, I am on my Safari now!. But there are bugs in Windows version of Safari, please go through the Techrunch link. Here is my own list (Though! I am newbie to Safari), First thing I did was searching webdeveloper plugins for Safari, I tried HTML Tidy extension for Safari!, Safari crashed after downloading. Second, I can’t able to browse Yahoo mail beta (it says it can’t open https link, that is weird), Gmail compose message page doesn’t look good as it does in IE/Mozilla.

If you are optimistic, you will see the fonts on the pages are rendered in a way it looks beautiful, cool interface, page loading progress bar in address bar itself, Auto complete for URL too, superfast startup and loading pages quickly (atleast for me). For web developers out there, now we have to check our pages in Safari too with IE/Firefox/Opera. :(

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