iTunes 10 Logo

End credits from the movie Up 

iTunes logo updated with version 10 in Sep ‘10

Apple Sep 1, 2010 Event under 3 min

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WWDC 2010 - iPhone 4

iPad didn’t replace common tasks. Steve was referring his notepad on stage:). Old habits die hard. Steve can still memorize 24 countries and repeat them in the same order.


How to Register iTunes Account for Free (In Any Country Without A Credit Card)

Follow the steps below: Launch iTunes Log out of your account (if any) Scroll down the iTunes page and hit the flag on the right Select your country of interest Try to buy a random free app (Note: You will see payment option None only when you register after/while downloading a free app) iTunes will ask you for your credentials, hit open a new account Accept the terms Enter a valid email, pick a password and so on.