Project Dumps

Wish you all a very happy new year!

It is 2013, another chance for us/me to start a new beginning. I believed in Mayan so much, I never had a plan post 20th Dec 2012 :)

I had a bad habit of logging what I call “project ideas”.  Whenever I do a task where I believe I could make it better, I log them, hoping I will spend time to work on it as a side project. Here is partial screenshot of my list

I was listening to Merlin Mann recent episodes (Episode 95 to 99), he tricked me to give GTD-Getting things done another try.

I guess I can atleast to do the first step, log all. Well, I have already logged them in simplenote / nvALT, since I don’t think I execute all, I am sharing it public to see if I can collaborate with other interested people.

Some ideas are dead-on-arrival like the “Apple - Ping fail”. Some are just problems I don’t know the solution yet.

By the way, I didn’t say I have million dollar idea :-) Let me see how it goes.

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