iForce - Sublime text plugin for salesforce development.

I wrote a small plugin for sublime text to develop salesforce. I’m glad to share one of my idea to project execution.

My recent project was developing a mobile app (jquery mobile) for salesforce. I find it is tedious to use eclipse/Force IDE for modifying single APEX page, the rich-text editor with syntax highlighting provided by salesforce web interface is not very helpful.

As “productive” developer I was looking for other options, I found ForceDotBundle for textmate and Mavenmate for Sublime text.

I settled with ForceDotBundle atlast, as I figured I don’t need all the features of Mavenmate. I could not recommend any to my fellow teammates, who use Windows as their primary development machine. As far as I know there is no real alternate to Eclipse/ForceIDE for Windows users.

So I saw an opportunity to learn to develop sublimetext plugin. My initial feature set were

✔ Basic Authentication
✔ Get latest version of source files from salesforce org
✔ Push local changes to salesforce
✔ Auto syntax highlight/color
✔ Snippets (boilerplate code for new apex class/trigger/page)
☐  Keep changesets in local git repo
☐  Option to run SOQL query without leaving sublimetext
☐  Get fields of a an object by selecting object name.
☐  Execute selected code and return results (Developer console)

I settled with deploying code with ant, as my original idea of calling webserivce to push/pull/execute would require good knowledge of python which I lack at the moment.

iForce - Source | How to - iForce

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