Rest In Peace

We received an unusual call at 4am on 6th only to know my Uncle and Aunt are no more. Suicide at the age of 70+ is not an easy decision, it has been a week and I couldn’t digest the news.

They were always had taken great care of me. Though I don’t meet them often, I have always treated as a rock-star when I do.

My dad has shared great stories about their life and their hard-work. I have always admired them and still do. I can only wish they find peace which they couldn’t find it here in this life.

They worked very hard till last two hours of their life. As a suppliers of most of the my towns’ restaurants, their work start at 1am. They were waking up at 1am for more than 50 years.

My dad is still heartbroken, I can understand how he feel they were his buddies for more than 30 years. Also it is 3rd suicide incident within our close friends and family which claimed total of 4 lives.

May the peace be upon them.

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