Firefox : Settings are not saved

I was having an issue recently that none of my settings/preferences were saved in Firefox. It opens the Firefox updated page along with extensions updated page every time I open the browser.


First iPad program

I managed to install iPhone SDK 3.2 beta today. I installed it on my Snow Leopard 1.6 (Note: the minimum requirement of iPhone SDK 3.


Hello world!

Everyone starts with a “Hello world” so do I. No idea on what I’m going to write; will I ever write something useful.



I’m very much disturbed after viewing the following video. Youtube link It is an excerpt of the documentary Earthlings watch it and share.

Read more... is down

Friends, is down at the moment, so all the projects/files hosted there won’t be available now. Please use contact me if you need the files.


Google Chrome : Hybrid of all

  • Webkit as rendering engine like Safari
  • Tabstyles are from Flock
  • Startup page similar to Opera speed-dial and Flock myhome page
  • Paste and go in the address bar like Opera
  • No menu bar like IE 7
  • Tab-to-window and vice versa from Opera/Safari
  • Incognito browsing similar to Private Browsing
  • Create Application Shortcuts like Mozilla Prism

What’s new in Google Chrome

  • No two separate textboxes for URL and for Search
  • Every tab is a separate process
  • Innovative Search, composite of Tortoise Merge (any Textdiff app), Firefox’s (Highlight All) findbox positioned similar to Safari
  • Built-in support for Google Gears
  • Above all its from the giant Google