Book: 'Never Grow Up' by Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is the first action star I remember from my childhood. I know Bruce Lee and his fame but never seen his movies, coming to think of it, I do not remember if I have ever seen any one of his movie complete at all, to date. But I can remember so many scenes from my first Jackie Chan movie Who am I though I have never seen the movie after 1998.

I was go through Library’s audiobooks application for any new ones and this book one caught my eye. I thought it would be a good opportunity to listen a non sci-fi or podcast for the week. I ended up completing this in the same weekend.

It was full of interesting and honest stories from his early life, struggles and hard-work. So many incidents from his life, his mistakes and regrets. Also he is point blank about his wealth and spending after all the fame and fortune. He also addressed his son’s arrest which even I am aware of and I did not expect that in his memoir.

I always had respect Jackie for his dare-devil skills and he manages to earn more as a respectable and honest human.

Book: Never Grow Up

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