RescueTime weekly summary and Google Script

I was cleaning up my mac before handing it to systems on my last job. I had a couple of days just for the Knowledge Transfer of projects and nothing else. I have always run two or three passive self policing apps like Rescuetime and Timing etc.,

I have been using Rescuetime for little over two years. Since I’m a cheap/free user, I cannot use their premium features like view or export past data. However, they send a weekly summary email with enough data. So I was curious to know the pattern of the way I work.

I wrote a small Google script that parses the text part of their email and save it in a Google Spreadsheet for analysing.

Though I have two years of rescue time summary email, there are two different template. So I have parsed the email since Jan’13. (I believe they recently changed the template as of Oct-13.)

I was quite happy that I am not that lazy ass as I thought. I have spent quality no. of hours on Software development and Utilities.

Utilities are mostly Terminal/iterm2, nvalt, custom tools I use outside of IDE but related to development. And I see I am consistent with my productivity % and the way no. of hours logged per week.

You can find the script here and the spreadsheet template I use to find the data here. I have cleared the content of mail sheet after running the collectSummaryEmails method from your clone of the sheet, you should see data from your Gmail. I left the other sheets with the data so you can follow.

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