Raspbian + XBMC + Airplay

TL;DR: Yes, you can. If you are only interested in the steps skip to the relevant section.

I own a Raspberry Pi for closer to a year now. I was not able to use my Netgear N150 (WNA1100) dongle until last week with it, I was kind of lost my enthusiasm by this bitter experience and hold my experiments for long time. Other than installing some console emulators and XBMC in last 6 months, I have not done anything with my Raspberry Pi.  You can refer my adventures here and here.

Ever since I heard about Pidora (Fedora distribution for rPi); I wanted to try Pidora to check whether it supports my wifi dongle. I also recently learnt that Raspberry team officially announced Berryboot alternative called NOOBS (technically both are not same, I believe with Berryboot you can dual-boot with multiple OS). I got curious and finally took a day off to try.

NOOBS packs 6 OS for rPi. Raspbian, Pidora, Risc OS, RaspXBMC, OpenElec, Arch linux) in a 1.2G zip file.

I have tried Arch, Risc and Raspbian in the past, and I was not able make my wifi dongle work with any of them.

Much to my surprise with stock Raspbian disro my WNA1100 got detected and connected to my wifi out of the box; almost zero steps.


That is all to it, once your iDevice and Raspberry are connected to same network you should be able to share photos/Videos/Audio via Airplay from your iDevice to Rasbperry Pi.

Other Notes:

Why Raspian + XBMC

 Well, I’m a greedy b!@$%!$d, I want to use it as linux machine + media center + airplay receiver + gaming console. So direct boot to OpenElec is not my solution.

Since I have checked off this task, now I can buy Apple TV and still be proud that I had configured and played with Raspberry Pi as Apple tv alternative ;-)

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