Speedy is a Speed reading application for Mac OS X that lets you speed read the text contents.

It is based on speed reading technique/methodology called Spritz

Spritzing presents reading content one word at a time with the ORP “Optimal Recognition Point”, positioned inside of our custom “redicle”. Within the redicle are special prompts that keep your eyes focused on the ORP , allowing you to read without the need to move your eyes.

I created to read the emails & news faster, as I have a tendency to lost in ‘endless space between the words’ with my lack of concentration or I should say gift of imagination?

To use the app Speedy, select text you want to speed read and choose Speedy from “Services” menu or using global shortcut CMD + SHIFT + E. Or you can also CMD + v to speed read clipboard content.

You can increase or decrease the speed by using your UP or DOWN arrow keys & SPACE to pause and unpause. It saves your WPM (Words per minute) preference and use it in subsequent launches.

Demo (video):

thumbnail of video


Pre-Release version (Free)

Keyboard Shortcuts

⌘ + ⇧ + E To open Speedy from any app/system level to speed-read selected text
SPACE Pause/Unpause read
UP Arrow Read Faster. Increase Words-per-minute (WPM) by 25 (eg., 350+25 = 375)
DOWN Arrow Read Slower. Decrease Words-per-minute (WPM) by 25 (eg., 350-25 = 325)
⌘ + V Read text from clipboard
ESC or Q Quit Speedy
D Debug - To speed-read debug text to check app is functioning as expected. (To test app is listening for the notification)


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