Poor man's pdf diff tool

Recently a client shared updated requirement document, unfortunately the document was in PDF and I don’t want to go through 60+ pages of document for changes.

Then this crazy idea pop’s in my head, why can’t I do a diff on these pdf with a simple script. Reason is, I do not want to use any online tools, or want to install anything from Adobe.

The idea was to export the pdf to images and do a image diff in batch. I already have automator script to convert pdf to png and image magick installed on my machine.

for i in $(seq 62 $END); do magick compare ../v1/$i.png ../v2/$i.png diff-$i.png; done 

Note: 62 is the no. of images in each directory. v1 & v2 are two directories with images in sequence eg., v1/1.png, v2/1.png

Due to some silly font rendering issues (Microsoft Word), I got some pages with output like below, but overall the it worked as expected.

Automator workflow for PDF to PNG

automator workflow pdf-to-png

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