Speedy - Speed reading application for Mac

Speedy is an utility application for Mac OS X that lets you speed read the text contents.

I created to read the emails & news faster, as I have a tendency to lost in ‘endless space between the words’ with my lack of concentration or I should say gift of imagination?

To use the app Speedy, select text you want to speed read and choose Speedy from “Services” menu. You can increase or decrease the speed by using your UP or DOWN arrow keys & SPACE to pause and unpause.



Keyboard Shortcuts

⌘ + ⇧ + E To open Speedy from any app/system level to speed-read selected text
SPACE Pause/Unpause read
UP Arrow Read Faster. Increase Words-per-minute (WPM) by 25 (eg., 350+25 = 375)
DOWN Arrow Read Slower. Decrease Words-per-minute (WPM) by 25 (eg., 350-25 = 325)
⌘ + V Read text from clipboard
ESC or Q Quit Speedy
D Debug - To speed-read debug text to check app is functioning as expected. (To test app is listening for the notification)


Pre-Release version (Free)

Demo (video):

thumbnail of video

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