Some funniest moments from my appraisal

I had my one-on-one meeting for 2012-13 appraisal this week. I was disappointed with the feedback given to me. Well, I have been _work_ing for very long time, and I know if you are not hurt then it is not an appraisal.
We received a email from my manager couple of days before the one-on-one meeting, explaining his expectations from resources. A week after we submitted our self appraisal. Though unofficial first rule of appraisal is not to talk about appraisal, I couldn’t help myself from posting this.

We have raised our bar

If no one get a 4, what is the point in keeping?

Discipline : I’m not available in office at 9am

Our official work hours starts at 9:30 and only handful of people (less than 5) including security  on the days I go early. I have asked is the only parameter? their answer was yes. They don’t consider the fact my flexi-timing is actually 11:30 - 8:30 and I log 12+ hours a day  at least once a week. Also not ready to consider, I need to support both AUS and US (CST) client.
I have explained my work timing numerous occasion, It is the way I could skip stupid traffic, and above all I ain’t a morning person. On the days I go early I reach office at 8:00 and stay till 8:30.

Communication: My emails were always short, 3 to 5 sentences.

Yep, That is the only parameter. Oh! well, you don’t use signature just name at the end.

I didn’t participate in any kaizen/improvement or initiative

Interpersonal skills: It is my honest feedback

“It is very subjective” was the feedback. They didn’t point me the direction on where to improve. One other feedback is, I stop them abruptly when talking. Well, it is intentional; If I don’t get what they (customer) was talking about, I stop people harping “Yes, you are absolutely right”.

One other incident this week, I was explaining benefits of native application over  mobile web. People on top of my food chain was saying native is not secure as we need to re-implement login and other security features, so it is better to go with the default features provided by salesforce. If it was not a conference call I could have stopped them and would have wrote “OAuth” on white board.

Writing about it more was actually a demotivating task, yet I did it. I may redirect this hate to write a manifest for my imaginary startup.

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