Google Reader - Take 2

I was insanely angry with Google’s decision still I am. Here are some stats from my Google Reader takeout data.

If you are people who think Social feed is replacing it, I promise you it never will. Reader is completely a different beast. I agree with Führer here. Leave.

Why I don’t use Google+

* URL:  - big random number?
* It is a Facebook clone.
* Vanity URL - +YourScreenname - Really?

If you guys really want the people to use Google+. First task would be providing vanity URL to all. Even if they don’t get TheAwesomeUsername people would be happy to pick a screen name BadAss2041AD.

I would suggest to take Tumblr’s path of Social, when you decide to copy, copy a decent one. Merge your old Blogger system with Google+ without breaking internet. No user would like to see a 404 page.

*Sharing before Google+

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