Resolutions for 2012

For the first time in history, I am publishing resolution list online, let see if this helps.

  1. Shed at least 5kg weight
  2. The iPhone4s which can’t resist myself from buying should be the last gadget for the year.
  3. Donate the pile of books I’m keeping to the library
  4. Publish at least 2 iOS apps
  5. At least 2 mac apps
  6. Publish at least 5 prototype from my idea vault.
  7. Gift at least one device
  8. Author 5 library/codes on Github
  9. Gift/sell my other devices - Too many Apple devices 
  10. Learn a new language/Framework (Ruby, Coffeescript, Node?)
  11. Build at least 2 Html5 app/util
  12. A vacation? I didn’t leave home for almost 4 yrs.

Other than this there are quite a lot like perfect pitch training, learn a music instrument, painting etc., I carry from previous years.

I will sincerely try to complete these list before 21st Dec ;-)

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